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UNH Offers a Climate Change Primer for Everyone
The University of New Hampshire's research society, Sigma Xi, will sponsor a free lecture on "Climate Change and Its Potential Impacts on New England" Thursday, Nov. 12, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in Room 110, Murkland Hall.

Speakers will include Barry Rock, director of the UNH Complex Systems Research Center and an expert in climate change; Barry Keim, assistant professor of geography and state climatologist; and Don Latourette, state Department of Environmental Services' climate change specialist.

"The issue of global warming and related climate change is certainly becoming a topic of public interest and concern," says Rock. "Much debate and confusion about the topic is seen in the media, and it's often difficult to find useful and relevant information, especially on how such change, if it occurred, would impact the New England region.

"The purpose of the Sigma Xi panel discussion," he continues, "is to present relevant information, in 'plain English,' on the potential local impacts of such change."

Rock, Keim and Latourette will present the pros and cons of the climate change debate, any evidence of climate change and human-induced causes, the past and present climate of New England, and the likely effects on the region if climate change continues, including the impacts on the ski and tourism industries, forest and agriculture, and water-related issues, such as sea level changes, water quality changes, etc.

By Carmelle Druchniak
UNH News Bureau