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Earth System Science / Nitorgen Biogeochemistry and Modeling
The Complex Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire seeks a highly qualified and motivated graduate research assistant to participate in a study of the controls of N cycling in river networks, emphasizing how biological and physical processes scale with increasing river size.  This position is supported by a 3-year research grant from the National Science Foundation.

The study domain is a watershed in northeastern Massachusetts that is experiencing high N inputs and other anthropogenic changes due to suburbanization.  The candidate will focus on building a river network nitrogen cycle model to be developed in conjunction with field experiments conducted across a variety of stream sizes within a 5th-order river network. This research explores the interactions among hyporheic zone characteristics, biological activity, multiple element cycles, upstream-downstream linkages, and land use change and distribution.

Preference will be given for candidates with computer coding and/or environmental modeling skills, or a strong desire to learn these, as well as a strong interest in biogeochemical cycling. Experience with stable isotopes is a plus. Some field work will be required to assist in extensive hydrological and biogeochemical field experiments. Must work well in a collaborative research team.  Graduate school requirements and degree-related information can be found in the UNH graduate catalog.  Interested candidates should contact Dr. Charles Vörösmarty (, 603-862-3978) or Dr. Wilfred Wollheim (, 603-862-0812), Water Systems Analysis Group, Complex Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824.

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