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Summer 2011
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Skating Towards the Puck

A Big UNHbrella for Geosciences Education

Solar Probe Plus

Catching a Share of River Herring

Hands Across the Water

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Summer 2011

Breaking Down Silos

EOS SCIENTISTS are an integral part of two university-sponsored initiatives that will push collaborative, interdisciplinary research into a new, sustainable frontier as federal funding agencies champion scientific research that benefits societal needs.

Skating To Where the Puck Will Be
IN LATE MAY, on day one of the inaugural, three-day workshop of the nascent UNH Sustainability Research Collaboratory, 55 faculty and staff and several external partners gathered to begin laying down a bold future for university-wide sustainability science research. Read More
A Big UNHbrella for Geosciences Education
WHEN THE UNH ADMINISTRATION put out the call for proposals under its New Ventures Fund, Ruth Varner and colleagues involved in geosciences education felt confident they could submit a winner. Read More…

Space Science
Solar Probe Plus, and More

THE IDEA was first launched in 1958 at the dawn of the Space Age and, if all goes according to plan, in 2018 a rocket will finally send a heat-hardened spacecraft into the Sun’s atmosphere, or corona, in an effort to unravel twin mysteries that have dogged space physicists for decades. Read More…

Ocean Science
Catching a Share of River Herring

EVERY YEAR at the end of May on the Maine coast, an estimated 150,000 alewives navigate up the Damariscotta River estuary and into the Great Salt Bay before “running” up a 200-year-old stone fish ladder that takes them into Damariscotta Lake to spawn. Read More…

Earth Systems Science
Hands Across the Water

CHANGSHENG LI of the Complex Systems Research Center (CSRC) has been at UNH since 1992 working exclusively on creating a powerful, one-of-a-kind mathematical ecosystem model that is today used worldwide to improve agricultural practices and help curb global warming, among other things. Read More…

Around the Hall
News and Notes

• Faculty, Staff, and Student News  Read More…
• From the Director: Another "Cup" Read more…