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Winter 2010
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Space Mission Rescue

A Match Made in Carbon

An ADVANCE for Women Faculty

Small Fisheries, Big Dataset

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Winter 2010

Space Science
Space Mission Rescue

THERE IS SOMETHING deeply satisfying in knowing that when a constellation of four spacecraft begin to probe the inner workings of Earth’s magnetosphere in 2014, a mission-critical instrument on board will be based on an elegantly simple concept purportedly invented by Archimedes of Syracuse in the 3rd century B.C. Read More…

Jingfeng Xiao
Earth Systems Science
A Match Made in Carbon

IT'S JUST A COINCIDENCE that the Complex Systems Research Center’s newest faculty member replaces someone of the same namesake – Xiangming Xiao – but Jingfeng Xiao’s hire from Pennsylvania State University was very much calculated to mesh with and extend the reach of the center’s extensive work investigating the terrestrial carbon cycle. Read More…

Ruth Varner
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
An ADVANCE for Women Faculty

TEN YEARS AGO when Ruth Varner was a postdoc, a new mother, and had a desire to continue her research at UNH, she applied for a National Science Foundation ADVANCE fellowship. The NSF program provided individual, three-year grants for women like Varner who faced the challenges of juggling family duties with a budding professional career in the STEM disciplines. Read More…

Ocean Science
Small Fisheries, Big Dataset

A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, as Lina Maria Saavedra-Díaz was poised to depart for a handful of fishing villages in Colombia, she and her Ph.D. advisor, Andy Rosenberg, had occasion to worry about her safety. After all, Saavedra-Díaz was a young woman who would be working alone in remote, sometimes roadless regions in an effort to study traditional or “artisanal” fishing communities. Read More…

Around the Hall
News and Notes

• Faculty, Staff, and Student News  Read More…
• From the Director: The Many Facets of Change  Read more . . .