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Tim Moore
Research Assistant Professor
Bio-Optics and Remote Sensing

My research focus is on observing biological processes is in lakes and oceans through bio-optics and remote sensing. Much of my research involves the use of satellite data - primarily ocean color - and the development and use of bio-optical algorithms to observe biological phenomena across large time and space scales. This algorithm development is supported by field work collecting in-water and optical data and using large existing optical data bases for further development and validation activities.

My specific interests in the field of bio-optics includes the study of light absorption and scattering properties in the water to infer phytoplankton and other distributions of constituents, the study of the distribution of the spectral light field as it relates to absorption and scattering, and how we can better observe these properties by improving satellite observation and other technologies such as autonomous sensors deployed in the environment.

These research topics are relevant in the context of climate change on lake and ocean on ecosystems, and human health for drinking water and recreational activities.